Pronghorn in Yellowstone National Park

We saw these two Pronghorn in Yellowstone National Park, standing on top of a hill in the Lamar Valley with the rising sun in the background. The rising sun created a nice backlight effect, which created a beautiful shilouet of the Pronghorn.

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Wolf in the snow | Wolf Art Print

We saw this beautiful wolf, which seemed to be a kind of silhouette due to the heavy snowfall. Because you don’t see details, but you can see the contours of the wolf in the snow, this has become a beautifully minimalistic photo and a very special moment for us to witness.

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Black Bear Art Print | Close-up black bear

We saw this beautiful black bear in Yellowstone National Park. We have seen black bears quite often but this one was very beautiful, he is big, has a huge head and he has a gorgeous coat. He was enjoying his meal and now and then he walked a bit further to dive into the grass again. We were able to capture the bear walking straight into the camera.

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