Norwegian charm

They are so cute! Those red houses you see in Norway. This picture was taken in a fjord near the town of Skjervøy. 

Skjervøy is in a region of impressive natural beauty. The area offers opportunities for activities such as hiking, fishing and admiring the northern lights in winter. We also offer a wonderful collection of orca photos captured during our adventure in Skjervøy.

Do you sense the enchantment of these magnificent marine beings?  Dive into our album ‘Orca’s’ and bring the magic of northern waters into your home with these stunning images.

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Orca and red houses in Norway

Norway is a country of breathtaking nature, with impressive fjords, high mountains and rich flora and fauna. One of the most special animals you can see in Norway is the orca. They are beautiful!

We joined an orca expedition in Skjervøy, a small village in northern Norway. We went out every day for a week to sail in the fjords in search of orcas and whales.

While sailing, we came across those super cute red Norwegian houses! These houses are so characteristic of Norway that it inspired us to take a photo of an orca with these red houses, capturing the Norwegian atmosphere in a picture.

The result is a beautiful representation of Norwegian life, with the characteristic red houses along the fjord’s coastline and the presence of this impressive orca.

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Orca in the magical pink light of Norway

The water splashes off this orca! We thoroughly enjoyed our journey through the fjords of Norway, where we encountered many orcas.

One of our wishes was to see orcas with the beautiful pink light, and we were fortunate enough to fulfill that desire! We captured a stunning photo of a male orca emerging from the water against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains.

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