Dennis Smit and Mariska Rinkel - together are we dutchduo adventures

Meet the photographers

Bon dia! Welcome!

We are Dennis Smit and Mariska Rinkel, an adventurous couple with a big heart for animals and nature. We were born in the Netherlands in the summer of 1983. We are in the prime of our lives and enjoy all the opportunities that life offers us. Since July 2022, we have been living on Curaçao, a lovely tropical island where we feel happy.

We have expanded our household with two furry friends, although they are now seniors, our cats remain a constant source of joy in our lives.

Our wanderlust has taken us to many places, but America has always had a special place in our hearts because it feels like home. Living in America is our biggest dream. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you, feel free to follow us on Instagram.

Our photography

Joining forces, we capture moments through our lenses. Dennis was the first to discover his talent and Mariska followed quickly. Together we take photos in Curaçao and during our travels. While our primary focus lies in capturing stunning wildlife photography, we take pride in our diverse collection of images that spans a wide range of subjects.

Behold our stunning collection of photos, carefully curated, and proudly offered for sale. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

We feel a strong connection with animals, and we don’t just want to take beautiful pictures but also do something for the animals. We donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of our photos to organizations that are dedicated to helping animals in various ways. This can range from local animal shelters or rehabilitation centers to global initiatives working to protect (endangered) species. In this way, we hope to make a positive contribution together with you to the well-being of animals around the world.

Stunning photos for you and animals helped too.
Every print sold, a portion to their care, to protect our planet and all creatures there.
Our photos are more than just a view, they’re a reminder to care for them too.

~ Dennis & Mariska ~