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Norwegian charm

They are so cute! Those red houses you see in Norway. This picture was taken in a fjord near the town of Skjervøy. 

Skjervøy is in a region of impressive natural beauty. The area offers opportunities for activities such as hiking, fishing and admiring the northern lights in winter. We also offer a wonderful collection of orca photos captured during our adventure in Skjervøy.

Do you sense the enchantment of these magnificent marine beings?  Dive into our album ‘Orca’s’ and bring the magic of northern waters into your home with these stunning images.

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Published by Dennis & Mariska

Dennis & Mariska

We are Dennis and Mariska, an adventurous couple with a big heart for animals and nature. In our varied collection you will find wildlife, landscape, botanical, close-up, architecture, travel, abstract and creative photography.